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Authenticity is at the heart of every thing we do. We believe the best designs come to life when you feel free to be entirely and unapologetically yourself. Golden Summer is proud to be an inclusive wedding vendor, working with couples of all religions, races, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We love love and cannot wait to celebrate yours! 

Is Here for the Unexpected

Is Perfectly Untraditional

Is Undeniably You

We’re just gonna put it out there... too many wedding “traditions” are outdated. They do not account for the beautiful, diverse, and intricate love stories we have to tell in this modern age. It’s time to throw out the traditions and do what works for us! 

Your invitations are your guests first glimpse into your big day, why not blow them away? We’re here for meticulously curated color palettes, uncommon design, and pieces that inspire, not just inform. 

All About You

You’re adventurous and never shy away from a splash of color. You love simple luxuries and are happiest when surrounded by beauty. You want to make a big first impression, throwing out traditions that don’t serve you and replacing them with your unique personality and style. 

You're ready to join your life and story with your partner and show it off for all to see. You want to have fun with the design process, have guidance along the way, and ultimately create invitations that excite your guests and build anticipation for your big day. 

Meet collette

Collette (she/her)

Owner, designer, creator

My name is Collette (she/her) and I am the owner, buyer, office assistant, graphic designer and intern of Golden Summer. This one-woman show has grown from a lifelong love of all things design. From interior, to graphic, to floral, I've worn many design hats, but none have captured my heart quite like designing event stationery.

During my own wedding planning, I found myself completely uninspired by page upon page of designs that just didn’t feel like me. I found myself in a bit of a Goldilocks nightmare of “This one’s too boring” or “This one’s too serious!” Turns out, I wasn't alone. After confiding in other engaged friends, they too were less than impressed with what was available.

Ultimately, I decided to put my well earned design degree to work and created my own invitations. Shortly after, I began to offer the same for friends and family who found themselves similarly unrepresented by their search. I quickly fell in love with the process of helping others see their stories and personal style turned into keepsakes to share with their guests. This experience brought Golden Summer to life with one sole purpose, to create wedding invitations that stand out from the crowd— just like you.

Hey there, party people!

What we’re bringing to the party



Let's be honest, planning an event is stressful. There are a thousand things to juggle and the last thing you want to worry about is how to get your guest to your party. We keep our design process simple, guiding you through each step to create gorgeous, custom invitations. 



We believe you can and should have your paper and a clean conscience too. from treeless paper options to recycled wax, we are committed to working with eco-conscience vendors and using sustainable products so you can feel good about your stationery. Who says eco-friendly can't be gorgeous? 



Golden Summer is proud to work with couples of all religions, races, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We love love and cannot wait to celebrate yours! 

Bold use of color


We've never met a color we didn't love. Yes, even that one you're thinking of! With a background in color theory and psychology, not only can we make that color work, but we can also tell you how it's going to make your guests feel. To the color obsessed: welcome home!

Supporting Small Businesses


From the beginning, we have made working with local and small businesses a priority. From printing, to paper and accessories, over 80% of our suppliers are independently owned and over 60% are here in sunny southern california. Using local companies means our timelines are shorter and our economy is happier! We're all about a win-win situation. 



We wouldn't be where we are without the support of our fellow event professionals. We believe in community over competition and are proud of the amazing network of vendors we have to refer you to.  

Trying every new restaurant or rooftop bar.

Life outside the studio

Exploring Los Angeles

My husband, Kyle, and Fur-child, Odin, to be exact.

Chillen with my guys

15 countries and counting! New Zealand is my current favorite. Italy and Thailand are next on the list to visit! 

Traveling the world

I grew up on Harry Potter and have the tattoos to prove it. Now-a-days, my reading lists are filled with thrillers, fantasy, and books on social issues and justice. 

Reading in the Sunshine

You can find me

Grab anything from a sunset and you’ll have it.


Pina Colada. Always and forever.


Luxury Candles. Anything with a sweet, citrus scent! 

Guilty Pleasure

A few of my favorites

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